The Chinese people are known for being determinate and ambitious, Qiang Wang being no exception from this rule. She is a professional tennis player since 2006, trying to honor her country in every competition she entered. But, as you may know, the female tennis world today is roamed by some of the most dominant players, like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep. So it is not an easy task to have a successful career in tennis, when having such powerful opponents, being only a few examples of the talented female tennis players that can be seen in tournaments around the world.

Qiang Wang was born on the 14th of January 1992, in Tianjin, China, having Steffi Graf as her idol, when she was just a little girl. She chose well the person to look up to, as Steffi Graf is probably the best female tennis player in the world, her career, and a number of important tournaments won speaking in this direction. The first content young Qiang Wang had with tennis was at the age of 9, slowing turning her passion for this sport into a future career. And precisely the passion for this sport helped her become so successful in this sport. As a young player, she soon became the promotion player for the Tianjin National Tennis Center, due to her excellent qualities and skills when it came to tennis, back in 2001.

Qiang Wand during a FED Cup Match against Thailand, Photo: Mai Techaphan, Shutterstock
Qiang Wand during a FED Cup Match against Thailand, Photo: Mai Techaphan, Shutterstock

In 2006 and 2007, for two years in a row, she managed to win the tennis championship organized for juniors in China. It was the sign recommending her to pursuit an international name in this domain, heading towards more important tournaments in the tennis world. So, in 2007, she starts playing on the tour of the International Tennis Federation, or ITF, which began in Japan. It was not an easy journey for a professional tennis player, like Qiang Wang, to make through the tournaments and win trophies. It is motivating to know that this may happen, but a lot of training takes place behind the scene. Professional tennis players, men and women, do not have time for a private life, because they spend most of their time on the tennis court, practicing for the next challenge. So it takes a lot of dedication and determination to stick to this path if you wish to achieve the desired results.

After a few years of participating in tours and constant training, in 2013, at the Malaysian Open, she managed to beat the number 10 female tennis player in the world, Caroline Wozniacki, right in the first round of their game. By far, this was the biggest achievement of her career. The hard work and sacrifices proved not to be in vain, starting to be fruitful and pushing young Qiang Wang up to the top of professional female tennis players. Next year, in 2014, she made her Grand Slam debut, by participating at the US Open, which remained her favorite tournament ever since. Here, she managed to pass the qualifying tournament and continue with winning three more games, in a row, for securing a spot in the main draw. Even though she reached the main draw and defeated a player from Poland, Paula Kania, Qiang Wang’s good luck stopped here, as she was defeated in the second round by a player from Australia, Casey Dellaqua.

Qiang Wand in Action, Photo: sippakorn, Shuttersthock
Qiang Wand in Action, Photo: sippakorn, Shuttersthock

During her career in tennis, the highest position she managed to achieve was the 82nd position, on the 23rd of February 2015. This year, Qiang Wang’s position is 94, considering the last events that took place on the 8th of February. But even if she is far from being in the top 10 female tennis players in the world, let us not forget that Qiang Wang is still very young. At the age of 24, she can still make a great career in tennis, only by working hard and training well she will achieve her goals. The best part is that she doesn’t consider herself defeated yet, as she is more than willing to continue her preparation and training sessions. There are so many tours and championships ahead, for which she must be prepared. The significant evolution she had back in 2013 can happen again, since tennis, just like any other sports, can be unpredictable. She can be very well trained and in a high psychological mood, being able to defeat her opponent. Thus, the top of the best players in the world can always chance because great young players as Qiang Wang are catching up.

Qiang Wang’s favorite shot, while playing tennis, is the serve. She considers that this is something she can perform in an outstanding way, managing to turn the odds of a game in her favor. Due to her athletic appearance, speed is another characteristic that helps her in the field, in spite of her rather delicate look. Also, among all the surfaces for playing tennis, the hard-court is her favorite, feeling in the best shape on it. Of course, she will not underperform on other surfaces, as this is strictly something of personal preference. She is also a right-handed player but managing to perform the backhand stroke incredibly with both hands, being another favorite strike, besides the serve. During her free time, Qiang Wang enjoys a good shopping session, spending time with her mother, and talking a lot on the phone. For professional tennis players, such things that may seem normal for the rest of us are real spoils, due to their busy schedules.

So we will continue watching Qiang Wang’s evolutions since she seems to be determined not to stop now. Most certainly we will see her in the forthcoming tours as 2016 has just begun. She is a young player and still has enough time to perfect her gameplay. The more tournaments she will participate in, the more experience she will gather, knowing even better where her weak spots are and where to work more to correct her performance.


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